Alex Dobbs

About Me

With my diploma still hot in my hands out of SMFA, I was looking for direction in my first steps as a newborn artist. My old friend, Philip, was working as a designer at a local boutique agency in Boston. He suggested that I make banner ads for a firm like his.

I took the few tips he gave me and started cold pitching businesses with my student portfolio, attempting to get my foot in the door with small design tasks. After a few persistent tries, I won over a small t-shirt store. With my first client, I was in the advertising business.

After that and a couple more clients, I moved to NYC and worked for a few years at boutique firms, freelance gigs and other clients. Then I met my wife and chased her all the way to California (but that’s another story). In LA, I continue to develop myself professionally and freelance. In my spare time, I like traveling, trying new foods, biking, and hanging out with my family.

The Wedding Album

And I like to travel to interesting landscapes.