Education & Training:

School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University, Boston, MA
Graduated BFA 2006
Studio Art: focuses: graphic design, photography, film and video

The Book Shop, Los Angeles, CA
Ad school / creative training program 2017

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Scholarship awarded
Major: Graphic Design 2001 [transfered to SMFA 2003]

Emerson College, Boston, MA
Extension classes, 2004

Professional Skills:

Graphic Design:
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Animate
    • InDesign
    • After Effects
  • Motion graphics (Cinema 4D and After Effects)
  • Deep knowledge in printing, prototyping and package design
Programming in:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Working knowledge in other languages

  • Adobe Premier
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Cinema 4D
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • AVID
Other useful professional skills:
  • Branding.
  • Marketing strategy knowledge (well read).
  • Photography and lighting.
  • Extensive music knowledge.
  • Creating and managing teams around projects.
  • Able to manage multiple executions across an integrated campaign.
  • Light producer work.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Directing talent on set or on ADR / VO.
  • Campaign concept development.
  • Political strategy.
  • Client presentations.
  • Project management.
  • Writing.

Unprofessional Skills:

Sports: other deep interests


Clients have included:
Heineken, Imaginatik Inc., M. Perry Fitness,, Mark Turrell, love fame records,, Alyn Paige, Arch Projects, Nancy Kates, Vivienne Westwood, Ducati Motor Sports, Marie Claire Magazine, Ray-Ban, Rebecca Turbow Inc., Daniele Kim Inc.

The Campaign to Elect Patrick Winburn to Governor Vermont
Writer / Strategist / PR / Advertising and Marketing advisor to the core team
Joining the political world for the first time in an actual professional capacity. (previously I had advised some groups and actions in the LA area as head of SHF) Over the years I aquired a pile of skills that made me into a very useful political operative. The campaign manager described me as 'a swiss army knife for political campaigns' and that sums up my role on the team. I wrote a few beautiful speeches and a couple decent press releases. We worked tirelessly to find a new path for his strategy to take his grassroots approach and remodel it to fit into the 2020 landscape with COVID-19 and all the other factors that were at play in that cycle.
Notably afterwards, when we lost the primary, I was briefly loaned up to the front runner's campaign but as the polls dove for him as well the campaign stalled and there wasn't much left for me to contribute, however while I was helping David Zuckerman I developed a network of local cable TV providers that would be able to do lay in for their customers, I built a little local VT ad network. I also pitched 3 big 'culture hack' concepts to harness earned media.

Supra Happy Fun Co. Los Angeles, CA
2017 - 2019
Managing Partner / Lead Creative
Lots of talking to clients and putting together pitches with my little team at SHF. In it's short life span we pitched a hand full of clients and came very close to surviving our launch but sadly the pitches didn't land and the team fizzled. We made a really strong effort and a lot of work was involved in putting this together and getting as far as we did. In the process I learned a lot about a lot of spaces in advertising and developed a lot of leadership skills. We also served in some advisory capacity with some political work being done in southern California.

Tree Falls Post Los Angeles, CA
2016 - 2017
Post tech guy
Editor, Technician and General post production tasks. Using various types of video decks and rack mounted equipment as well as software like AVID, Final Cut Pro, Pro-Tools and Resolve. ADR sessions ,DCP mastering and other deliverable workflows.
Clients: Warner Brothers, Comedy Central and hordes of independent film makers in the Hollywood area and around the world.

Dobbs Creative Los Angeles, CA
2013 - 2015
Ad creative, Graphic Designer and Video editor
Edited an independent movie, created 3D motion graphics, developed brand identities, cover art for musicians on Love Fame Records, photo work, pitched some bigger clients with collaborations from other partners that joined in later on but largely it was a solo operation studio in West Hollywood.

Entrepreneurial Talent Agency Sacramento, CA
2011 - 2012
Art Direction, Graphic Designer, and Partner.
Worked full time help build a company aimed at helping other companies in the local Sacramento area achieve brand identity goals through social media, grassroots and print ads. We were trying to model a start up agency as an incubator, partnership with our clients was the goal across the board.
Clients: Capsity Offices, Midtown Village Cafe, KOH Library and others.

Daniele Kim Inc. New York, NY
2010 – 2011
Junior Art Director.
Brand creation, design, advertising and web development.
Clients: M. Perry Fitness and / Arch Projects New York, NY
2008 – 2010
Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Videographer, Photo/Video Assistant.
Created visual content for various websites, brand creation, design, advertising and web development.
Clients: Vivianne Westwood, Naked Condoms and Ducati.

Touché New York, NY
2007 – 2008
My first attempt at starting my own advertising business with partners. We courted clients and had a hand full of accounts before we were wiped out by the 2008 crash. All the clients canceled the same day as the market fell out.
Graphic design, animation, creative team lead.

SOHO Interactive Telecommunications. New York, NY
2008 – 2009
Graphic Designer
Graphic design, animation, creative team lead. Some experience in art direction and production.
Clients: Prince Dimitri, Ray-Ban, and Marie Claire.

The Prattler. Brooklyn, NY
2000 – 2001
Contributing Designer and Writer.
Pratt Institute student magazine.